Humanoid Recruitment

The Talent side of Technology

what we do

The Talent side of Technology

we do

  • All levels of technology recruitment.
  • Partner with your business, understand your needs.
  • Target and attract highly skilled candidates to your company.
  • Represent your brand, purpose, structure and role.
  • Deliver a streamlined process

how we
do it

  • Determine your needs, commit to deliverables.
  • A marketing and recruitment strategy to meet your budget.
  • Leverage personal networks, LinkedIn, Databases and Seek.
  • Qualify, interview and represent your brand.
  • Stand by our guarantee and after placement service.

Additional services

  • Job advertisement and description writing.
  • Job application management and co-ordination.
  • Interview panel assistance.
  • Brand Awareness.
  • Candidate reference checking.
  • Dashboard summary of all candidates engaged


A local recruitment business with strong networks,
dedicated to the right outcomes.


(Co-founder) has recruited for over 20 years, worked across New
Zealand’s four main centres, now based in Wellington with a specialisation in tech recruitment.


Who we are

What matters to us and A bit of inspiration

The Why

This is a paragraph about why we're in business.
We were going to write something clever and inspirational but it's 2 hours until Christmas holidays and we're off for a couple of cold ones.
But hey, watch this space in the new year.

Bit of tongue in cheek humour

Except our mate here has no actual tongue...
Or cheek lol.
Yeah we had a bit of fun making this - We reckon life's too short not to enjoy what you do.


But hopefully not really. We quite like humans, they tend to be good for business.